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NeuroMove™ Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation with NeuroMove

The NeuroMove™ technique assists in teaching healthy parts of the brain after a stroke to take over lost functionality through Neuroplasticity. Patients no longer have to live with plateau level functionality, the NeuroMove is breaking that barrier.

The NeuroMove™ is cleared by the FDA specifically for Stroke Rehab and has been proven effective in many clinical studies. Many stroke and spinal cord injured patients in the US and abroad have experienced dramatic results with this device.

How the Neuromove Works:

NeuroMove™ works by detecting the attempts to move a muscle group sent from the brain. These attempts are shown in the display as significant increases in the signal over regular muscle activity. The built-in microprocessor intelligently distinguishes between regular muscle activity, muscle tone, noise and real attempts in the EMG. When a real attempt is detected, the unit “rewards” the patient with a few seconds of muscle contraction, where the visual and sensory feedback serves as an important element in relearning the movement. This is similar to the well known learning technique of “Pavlov’s Dog”.

NeuroMove™ also prompts the patient to relax just as often, and experience has shown that this element is significant in learning to control a muscle group. Better relaxation of a muscle group can sometimes be noticed as few as ten minutes into the first treatment session.

NeuroMove™ detects attempts even below where trace movements are visible. Several patients have found this capability to be very motivating, as they saw they could make a difference, where previously, they had no indication of their attempts.


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