Neuromove™ Features

Safety features: Electrode alarm, electronic timer lock of stimulation level and all functions are checked for errors before commencing any treatment.

  • Built-in battery which needs to be recharged once a week. Battery requires 80% or higher charge for optimal performance.
  • Graphical display with 60 seconds of history and a threshold which is automatically adjusted to an attainable goal. The internal processor sets this goal in a very logical fashion and the patient is rewarded for attempts which exceed the previous level.
  • The NeuroMove™ is so sensitive, it can detect attempts to move a muscle even before neuron firing can cause visible contractions of muscle fibers. The self-adjusting feature of the NeuroMove not only adjusts to every individual patient, but also adjusts to every new treatment session. Patients with severe muscle tone can therefore also benefit from this treatment and will usually experience reduced muscle tone and more control of the extremity.
  • A mode specifically for spinal cord injury patients, with an EMG setting that is 5 times more sensitive than that of the stroke mode.