Active sEMG Sensors

Remote Active sEMG Sensor measures Electromyography from the skin surface in the range of 0.1μvolts to 1000 μvolts. The non-invasive sensor’s design permits multiple configurations including the scan snaps (Part AE-422) for ChiroScan software, circular disposable dry electrodes (Part AE-131) and strip electrodes (Part AE-178) for other application protocols in the NeuroGraph software.

PPG Sensor

The Photoelectric Plethysmography (PPG) Sensor uses an infrared light source and photo-detector for non-invasive monitoring of the blood volume pulse. Placed on the earlobe or finger the sensor measures the peripheral blood flow and provides values for Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, IBI, and Pulse Height.

EDA Sensor

The EDA is used to measure emotional arousal. The sensors are gold-plated and are used to determine the two elements of EDA, the rapid transient response (SCR) and the slower, gradual shift change of the basal level (SCL).

Respiration Sensor

Respiration Sensor uses a sensitive, compact transducer to monitor respiration. The sensor may be placed on the chest or abdomen for monitoring purposes.

Temperature Sensor

The Temperature Sensor is a thermostat which measures the changes in skin temperature. A maximum of 3 different temperature sensors may be used with some of the NeuroDynamix units

Dynamic sEMG Circular Dry Silver Electrodes

Dynamic sEMG Circular Dry Silver Electrodes These are hypoallergenic pads for our sEMG electrodes.
For use with Dynamic sEMG instruments.

Dynamic sEMG Strip-Style Silver Electrodes

These are smaller pads for dynamic EMG readings. The pads can be used in line or detached for EMG readings that require variable distance.

Scan Pads

Consists of 40 electrolyte solution scanning pads. Use for more consistent scans without using conductive gel.

Scanning Heads

Silver coated, disposable scanning heads, snap into sEMG sensor.
Use with ChiroScan, Static EMG system.

Signa Gel (60 grams)

Conductive gel for dynamic EMG recordings.
Use with AE-131 or AE-178 silver electrodes.